DjangoCon Europe 2016

DjangoCon Europe is back for its eighth edition! Join us this spring for five exciting days full of Django, Python and jazz in the beautiful Budapest.

DjangoCon Europe is a community-run & non-profit event that aims to gather a diverse group of curious, passionate and kind Djangonauts every year to learn, share and meet.

DjangoCon organizers work hard to make it as easy for you to participate as possible. Read more to see how we make the event more accessible.

Tickets 🎫

The tickets are sold out, thanks everyone.

Keep an eye on twitter for last-minute announcements if some tickets become available.

What, When, & where?

Django Girls

On the 0th day of DjangoCon Europe 2016 the Django Girls Budapest team is organizing their 4th event. 21 women will have the chance to attend to the workshop and the conference.


March 30th, 31st, April 1st: 3 days of talks from talented speakers in a gorgeous venue.

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April 2nd & 3rd: 2 days of workshops and sprints at MÜSZI. Come learn how to contribute to Django or your favorite open-source library.

Full Schedule

We want you here!

We commit ourselves and strive to make DjangoCon Europe as accessible and diverse as we possibly can. Whether you learned Django 10 years ago, or haven't even started to code yet, DjangoCon is for you. There are about a million reasons why you wouldn’t consider showing up at DjangoCon Europe, and we do our best to make your participation in the conference easier for you.

Code of Conduct

All organizers, attendees, speakers and sponsors must follow the Code of Conduct. We're committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for everyone to learn, meet, and enjoy the conference.

Child care

We know that attending a conference with your children can be difficult. To make it easy for you, we're providing a free childcare service staffed by registered and qualified childminders, at no extra cost, during conference hours.

Dietary requirements

We aim to meet all dietary requirements. You will be able to specify these when purchasing your ticket.

Live captioning

All talks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will feature simultaneous speech-to-text transcription, which will also be used for subtitling the conference videos that are subsequently published.

Venue accessibility

The conference takes place at the Budapest Music Center, and we made sure that venue is fully wheelchair-accessible.


The DjangoCon agenda is featuring both novice talks for people just starting their journey into the world of development, as well as advanced talks for experienced developers.

Quiet rooms

We will provide a clearly-marked designated quiet room. This room is intended to be a calm and quiet place for anyone who needs to have a break from the bustle of the conference.

Is something missing?

Have we neglected something you need, or is there something not mentioned here that would make your attendance possible, or improve your experience of the event? Please let us know. We’ll do what can to provide it.

Welcome to Budapest!

Join us for 5 days of Django delights in the heart of Europe for the first ever Django conference in Hungary.

With its rich history, its phenomenal culture, and fabulous night life, we think Budapest is an ideal city to host this year's edition of DjangoCon Europe.

We couldn't be happier to host you in our favorite city and we look forward to sharing a very special and magical DjangoCon with you.

See you there!


It is thanks to companies like these that we can keep the ticket prices low and make the conference the memorable event that it is. If you see them at a booth or around the venue, make sure you give them a high-five.

Our Partners

Support DjangoCon!


We are seeking companies who wish to support the event financially. DjangoCon Europe is a non-profit event and your contributions will allow us make the event better. We aim to make the event as affordable and accessible as possible for everyone. We're also going to provide a financial aid program to help people from underrepresented groups attend the event.

If you are interested in helping, please check out our sponsorship brochure or get in touch.

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