Announcing the results of Call for Speakers!

Published on the 25th Jan 2016 by Ola Sitarska

DjangoCon Europe 2016 received 126 unique, excellent, high-quality and original talk proposals. It was incredibly hard to pick the final 21 talks.

We're incredibly happy to announce that 48% of talks selected through the Call for Speakers were submitted by women. With an addition of our three invited keynote speakers, that brings the number of women speaking at DjangoCon Europe this year to a stunning 54%! The highest of DjangoCon Europe history yet✨.

For those curious about the details: we identified that 24% of all proposals were submitted by women. The committee of 5 people blindly scored all talk submissions -- the name of the speaker or any other identifying details were not available to the committee until the very final step of shaping the agenda. In the final step, when choosing between two talks on similar topics, we gave the stage to first-time speakers. Read here to learn more about our selection process.

We're still waiting for final confirmations from all the speakers, but we're slowly starting to announce talks and speakers on our website.

This change didn't happen overnight 🌛, and we're incredibly grateful to all previous DjangoCon Europe and US organizers, Django Girls, Pyladies, the DSF, conferences like JSConf EU pushing the envelope when it comes to creating inclusive events, and everyone else who contributed so much work over the years to make that possible 💞.

We know that diversity doesn't mean just gender, or that we're close to fixing that problem yet. We're however incredibly excited about what the future brings.