Attendees Slack channel etiquette

Published on 27th Mar 2016 by Ola Sitarska

DjangoCon is only two days away! Yay! Excitement! Not stressful at all!

As we're coming closer to the DjangoCon Europe, our attendees Slack channel gets busier. We hope it's going to be a valuable source of information and it will make it easier to communicate with your fellow attendees.

To make the experience comfortable for everyone, we thought it'd be useful to outline a set of clear rules and expectations for all participants in the Slack channel.

  1. Slack channel is no exception to conference Code of Conduct. We expect you to comply with the Code of Conduct while communicating via Slack channel too.
  2. Do not message people privately without their consent, and do not invite them to join any room without their consent.
  3. Do not mention people who don't belong to particular room in that room.

If at any time you're feeling uncomfortable due to anyone's behaviour on the Slack channel, please contact the organizers by emailing [email protected], approaching them at the conference, or using the emergency phone numbers listed in the Code of Conduct. When possible, include screenshots or chat logs of any unwanted messages.

See you in Budapest really soon! Happy Slacking!