Erik Romijn & Mikey Ariel

Erik Romijn & Mikey Ariel

Erik Romijn is a Django core developer, chair of the Dutch Django Association and co-organiser of Django: Under the Hood. In the time left after all that, he co-founded DashCare, a company that helps governments manage healthcare with Django-based software.

Mikey Ariel is the community lead for the oVirt open source project at Red Hat and a retired technical writer. In her ever-decreasing spare time, she is a community lead for Write the Docs Europe, workshop organizer for Django Girls, documentation coach for open source projects, and generally sleeps very little.

Healthy Minds in a Healthy Community

Open source communities attract and boast passionate, idealistic people, and many of us invest copious amounts of time and effort to contribute to our projects and support our communities. This underlying emotional attachment, while in and of itself a key element of open source development, makes use more vulnerable to elevated stress, burnout and conflicts.

Many people struggle with their well-being from time to time, and then there are those of us who also manage mental illness and must fight on multiple fronts to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. More often than not, we suffer these struggles in silence, feeling (and fearing) that we're alone in our trouble. Here, our communities can make a huge difference, by building a positive and safe environment where we can blossom and support ourselves and our peers.

This talk will take a look at open source communities through the eyes of various mental well-being issues and struggles, and illustrate some ideas for short- and long-term solutions that we can implement as we strive to manage our healthy minds in a healthy environment.