Maria Lowas-Rzechonek

Maria Lowas-Rzechonek

Coming from the philosophical background, I met Django and the community at the very first Django Girls workshop in Berlin 2014. I fell in love with both. A few months ago, I found my first job as a Django developer.


Going with the flow with Django Admin

While working with Django Admin, you are often told that, as a rule of the thumb, you should not customize it too much. It goes on that if you’re tempted to change too many things, it’s probably better to write your own app for that purpose. But sometimes, the customizations needed are just a few and it is better to stay with Django Admin.

Last year, I took part in the Django Girls Winter of Code project, creating a place to post beginner-friendly job openings and local meetups. In my talk, I would like to present how we implemented a simple 5 step work-flow in Django Admin for reviewing submitted posts before publishing. It included adding extra buttons to Django Admin interface, limiting a number of editable fields, sending automatic email notifications, and a few other things.