Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris is a professional web designer and developer. Having started on the design side of things, exposure to Django’s templates led to her learn the rest of the framework, brushing up her Python and JavaScript skills along the way.

Nicole's current projects include designing the new Python Packaging Index and building an application to facilitate mentorship within the Django community.

Nicole is the author of "Introduction to Django" - a new screencast from O'Reilly media (

You can follow Nicole on Twitter @nlhkabu or read her blog at


Learning Django, Learning French

In this talk Nicole will explore her experience of learning French and Django at the same time; and examine some of the common themes between both fields.

Together we'll dismantle the myth that children are better learners than adults, look at how motivation impacts learning, explore the benefits of mentorship, and discover how we can boost the confidence of new Djangonauts.