Floor Drees

Floor Drees

A former member of the core team behind Rails Girls Summer of Code and initiator and organiser of several Open Source meetups and conferences (like ROSSConf), Floor is currently program manager for the 5starts incubator program supporting technology startups, and managing director of sektor5 coworking spaces in Vienna.


Keynote: Keynote: How level-diversity will make your Open Source project great (again)

Ok, you caught me. Level-diversity is not a term (yet). But now that I got your attention, let me help you boost diversity in developer teams and bring newcomers to your Open Source projects. Why? Because we are stuck in a rut of the same faces, textbook solutions and standard fixes.

A couple of things I’ve seen that seem to help newcomers to enter in Open Source are appropriate naming conventions as well as proper commit messages and issue descriptions (no profanities). On that topic, flagging as ’beginner friendly’ indicates when even a newcomer to the project could work on it is rather helpful. With ROSSConf I’ve seen how technical people but also designers and people relatively new to the whole programming thing can be turned in longer-term Open Source contributors. I'd love to share those lessons with you.

Oh and Rails Girls Summer of Code. I will talk about that too, and how similar projects have helped some amazing Open Source projects become even more amazing. And how those Open Source projects together with the 'RGSoC' team have changed the lives of many.