Corryn Smith

Corryn Smith

Corryn is a graduate student at Northern Arizona University studying Applied GeoSpatial Sciences. She discovered her love for Python and (Geo)Django while attending the University of North Georgia; here, she studied Environmental Spatial Analysis with a concentration in Information Technology. As a person who loves the great outdoors and the tech world, GeoSpatial Technologies was the ideal field for her.
When she is not studying or on a computer, she enjoys hiking, geocaching, entertaining her puppy named Kodak, trying out local cuisine and craft beer, and playing new board games.


Let's Talk Geo: Adding the "Where" to Your Django Project

Do you feel like your Django Project is missing an important component? Is your application missing the "where" feature? With the help of GeoDjango, this talk will introduce the idea of how to make web-maps for your Django application and why maps are important to draw in your audience.

Before adding the "Where", one must understand what GIS is and how it works with GeoDjango. During this talk, you will gain a basic understanding of Geographic Information Systems and the purpose it serves in the IT world. To get started, I will show you where you can find public GIS data to use for your project; also, I will briefly go over how to make your own spatial data using QGIS. Likewise, you will also learn about spatial databases, what to include for a spatial-friendly API, and how to make your map pretty with applications like Mapbox and Leaflet.