Andrew Godwin

Andrew Godwin

Andrew is a Django core developer and currently works at Eventbrite as a Senior Software Engineer. As well as developing South and Django Migrations, he's also behind the Django Channels project. In his spare time, he flies small planes, eats lots of cheese, and is trying to visit every US National Park.


A Brief History of Channels

Django has long been tied to the request-response pattern, but now with Channels this has been changed - it allows Django to natively support WebSockets, running tasks after responses, easily handle long-polling and more.

This talk will cover both the initial ideas and design process of Channels as well as showing how to use it - and how you can just ignore it and keep developing normal Django if you wish. In particular, I'll cover:

- The WSGI abstraction and how it breaks with WebSockets
- How Channels was designed, and other software that inspired it
- How Channels takes the request/view/response flow and makes a similar one for everything else
- Examples of using Channels
- Scaling and deployment considerations