Django on your Dynos and Python in your Pipelines: A Hands-on Heroku Introduction

Sunday: 11:30 - 13:30

Workshop leader: Michelle Rowley and Lyric Hartley

Heroku is a cloud platform that makes application development enjoyable while maintaining a high level of security. The Heroku platform lets you build, deploy and scale your applications without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. The Heroku Elements Marketplace offers a large number of product and service add-ons to facilitate application development.

Are you curious about Heroku? Come get an introduction to the platform and then deploy a Django app to Heroku in this hands-on workshop! After we’ve deployed, we’ll show you how to easily scale and monitor your applications. During the second half, we’ll dive into the deep end by setting up Github integration and Pipelines for Continuous Delivery of the app you’ve deployed.

The workshop will be largely hands-on, so bring a laptop!